How to list/ edit your Ad

  • Once you have paid you will see a new button appear at the top SkateXchange, Clicking this will take you to the Ad Editor where you can create your Ad 

Ad Editor

  • The Ad editor form is very easy to use to add or edit you Ad, just follow it down adding or editing your Ad's information and press Save

  • The * symbol indicates a field is required 

  • Add a title for your Ad (Required)

  • Select your ice rink (Required)

  • Select some details about you item to get it listed in the correct area of SkateXchange (Required)

  • Add how much you would like for your item (Required)

  • You can upload an image if you like

  • Then add a description 

  • Thats all there is to it dont forget to 'Press Save'


  • You can edit, un-publiish or re-publish your ad by visiting it and clicking on the EDIT tab at the top 

  • Once you have made any changes you will have some more options at the bottom. Just click the one you require 



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